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Company Profile

In 1982, it was passion driven founders who started it as KANA ELECTROMECHS in Pune, India. KANA ELECTROMECHS is based on the principles of inventiveness, entrepreneurial foresight, and self-reliance. The founders Shri. Arun R. Naniwadekar & Shri. Deepak R. Naniwadekar enthusiastically transformed their experience and ideas in developing products for customers. For more than 3 decades, KANA ELECTROMECHS is magnificently delivering export alternative products all over India and across the Globe.

Deepak Naniwadekar
Mr. Deepak Naniwadekar

Arun Naniwadekar
Mr. Arun Naniwadekar

Mr. Ajit Inamdar


To become reputable company in the field of Process Control Instrumentation known for its unbeatable product range, robust design & offer services beyond customer satisfaction.


To achieve sustainable growth by robust design, better manufacturing, Fine workmanship & offering value added services to our customers.

Now, Kana Products have deep rooting in

  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Power Generation
  • Post-Harvest Grain Handling Equipments
  • Enviro Industries where prevention of Particulate Emission is done
  • Process Control Industries
  • OEM's for above Industries

Kana products are installed in almost all states of India and in more than 50 countries across the globe.

With its wide range of solutions, KANA ELECTROMECHS fulfils the requirements of customers from varied industries. Whether our customers are from Cement, Food, Power Generation, Enviro or Chemical and process industry. KANA ELECTROMECHS manufactures products and systems to meet every customer’s specific need. Our endeavor to provide customized solutions ensures that every customer obtains a system that is designed to suit his requirements as well as those specific to his industry

KANA ELECTROMECHS considers service and support to be an integral part of the customer experience. This ideology lies at the core of our service team. The efficiency of our service team comes from its exhaustive understanding of customers’ processes which is integrated in our product line what makes it successful.

KANA ELECTROMECHS is constantly working towards bettering the experiences of our customers. It is with this in mind that KANA ELECTROMECHS has designed precise solutions. This ensures that our customers get the engineering expertise of our design while meeting their specific needs. KANA ELECTROMECHS also monitors changes and advancements in technologies with the aim of incorporating these changes into our designs and solutions and consequently into the production processes of our customers.

Using innovative technologies that are created, KANA ELECTROMECHS manufactures systems and provides solutions that make our customers’ production processes economically efficient. KANA ELECTROMECHS’s product line allows our customer to keep production costs low and remain environment friendly to follow the Go Green perception.

Quality Policy

Quality for KANA ELECTROMECHS is a term far exceeding the actual product. All our processes are focused on customer service and product quality. We personally support our customers - no matter where in the world. And if it has to be fast, our experts will provide competent support through audio / visual medium. We use our customers' feedback to continuously improve the quality of our products. Exhaustive test procedures are incorporated as routine practice to make sure that, they keep what we promise in the customers' processes.

Kana Electromechs ISO