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Function :

Electronic Positioner is used for controlling the mechanical position of Valve or Damper . The incoming Control Signal is in the form of 4-20 mA & Feed Back signal is either 4-20 mA from Potentiometer to Current Convertor or Potentiometer (ohm). Depending upon these two signals the Positioner runs the Actuator motor in Forward or Reverse Direction.

While operating the relay the Positioner also takes into account the Present Position, Dead Band, Feed Back Signal etc.

  Used to Control the mechanical position of Dampers, Actuators etc.
  Selectable Power Supply.
  Dead Band adjustment to avoid hunting.
  Dead Band setting in the range of 2% to 10%.
  Potential free relay contacts for Forward & Reverse direction.
  LEDs to indicate the Forward or Reverse Action of Relay.
  ABS / Polycarbonate or Cast Aluminium, IP-65 Grade, Enclosure suitable for field mounting.

Optional Features

  4-20 mA Output proportional to Feedback Potentiometer.

Supply 110V AC / 230V AC, 50Hz (Selectable) or 24V DC
Input 1) Control Signal (Ic) – 4-20 mA.
2) Feedback Signal (Ifb) – 4-20 mA or Feed Back from Potentiometer (ohms)
Output : A) Relay Contacts, 1 C/O each for Forward (FWD) & Reverse (REV) direction
B) Optional 4 – 20 mA Output (when Feedback is from Potentiometer) proportional to Feed Back Pot Position, Isolated from Input & Supply
Output Adj. Range (POT Feed Back) : ZERO 25%, SPAN 30% for Feed Back Potentiometer end values
Relay Logic
Condition FWD Relay REV Relay
Ic > Ifb ON OFF
Ic < Ifb OFF ON
LED Indication : Red – Power ON, Green – FWD Relay ON, Yellow – REV Relay ON
Dead Band : 2% - 10% of FSD (Approx) Adjustable. Both Relays OFF in Dead Band
Enclosure : ABS/Polycarbonate, IP-65 Grade, Light Gray Finish or Cast Aluminium, IP-65 Grade suitable for field mounting

Reliable & Solid state electronics design finds its application in Valve Positioning, Damper Positioning.