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Function :

Universal Calibrator is used for the calibration of many types of Process Control Instruments which accept mV, mA & RTD Input. This can be used as better tool for fault finding & confirmation of instrument / sensor reliability, hence extremely useful for Commissioning Activity, Quality Assurance, Routine Maintenance & Trouble Shooting.

  Handheld, portable, Battery operated OR 230V AC main operated.
  Mains operated model has selection facility to work on 230V AC mains or 9V DC battery.
  Excellent Battery Life.
  Highly Reliable.
  Source and Sink facility for mV, mA. Read and Feed facility for RTD.
  Industrial Grade, low resistance Rotary Selector switch for parameter selection.
  The Coarse & Fine adjustment facility makes the calibrator handy for fast calibration.
  Gold plated contacts for Toggle Switch.
  Temperature chart provided for PT100 & Thermocouple (J,K,R & S Type).
  Typical Accuracy 0.1% or better.
  4 ½ Digit LCD display with Battery Low, Over Range & polarity Indication.
  RTD (PT100) display is directly in terms of Temperature in °C.
  Test mode facility provided to confirm the operation of calibrator.
  Maintenance free operation.
  Sturdy Enclosure for Handheld Calibrator.
  24Vdc, 30 mA optional output provided for mains operated model, for calibration of 2-Wire transmitters.

Supply Voltage : 9V (Two Batteries) for Handheld Calibrator (Size PP3) or
230V AC, 50Hz for Mains operated Calibrator
Indication : 4 ½ Digit LCD Display
Battery Life : 6 Hrs in case of continuous operation for full current output 30 Hrs in case of continuous operation for mV & RTD output
Operating Temperature : 0 to 50 °C
Humidity : Max 90% RH, non condensing
Storage Temperature : 0 to 60 °C

Universal Calibrator is used for Calibration of Process Instruments, reading the Process Value, as Fault Finding Tool, as Quality Assurance tool as per ISO norms, as multimeter with limited facility etc.