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Function :

Audible warning alarms are used in many industries for starting or stopping or indicating the movement of heavy machines. This can also be used as fault indicating alarm to alert the operators & other personnel in case of fault.

  Simple & highly reliable Electronic audio alarm.
  These can be connected to the output of alarm annunciator, controllers or to limit switches.
  Audible distance more than 100 meters.
  80 dB sound level adjustable with inbuilt volume control.
  Designed for continuous duty cycle.
  Panel mounting enclosure.
  Tone Selector Switch for selecting two different alarm tones.
  Optional models available with Lamp Indication / Flasher.

Supply : 110V AC / 230V AC, 50Hz
Sound Level : 80dB
Volume Control : Adjustable
Tone : Two different tones selectable through tone selector
Audible Distance : More than 100 meters
Enclosure : Panel Mounting

Wide range application in Heavy Machines, Security System, Industrial Panel, Offices, Banks, Jewelry Shops etc.