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Function :

To sense the material jamming in a compact chute in feeding hoppers

Construction :

The RF level switch is working on the COAT GUARD TECHNOLOGIES incorporating DRIVEN SHIELD AND PISTON CAPACITOR circuits, providing a very low impedance coat guard terminal to power a driven shield on the sensing element. This prevents the conductive and non-conductive coating from causing false signal. This makes the system different than the conventional RF Capacitance level switch. The major difference is of COAT GUARD design which is exactly at the same voltage and phase at all the time. This prevents the material build-up causing a false alarm, which otherwise will cause a false alarm in conventional capacitance level measuring system

  Available in top mounting and Side mounting.
  Fail safe logic is field selectable.
  Fast and easy installation. Simple to calibrate.
  Three element coat guard technique ignores the material built up on probe.
  Cast Aluminium, IP-65 Grade, Enclosure suitable for field mounting (Control Unit).

Control Unit

Supply : 110V AC or 230V AC, 50Hz
Input : From sensor probe
Output : 2 C/O relay contacts rated for 5A at resistive load
Enclosure : Cast Aluminium, IP-65 Grade, suitable for field mounting

Sensor Probe

Mounting : 1-1/2" BSP(M), Stainless Steel
Coat Guard Shield : Stainless Steel
Sensing Element : Stainless Steel
Insulation : PTFE
Probe Extension : GI Rope, 12mm Dia
Counter Weight : MS Plated
Probe Length : 300mm

To sense the jamming of the material in compact chute in feeding Hoppers