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Function :

Material presence sensing switch senses the presence of the material on conveyor belt by using Peddle & Flap. When the flap is in front of the sensor probe, material is Absent & when the flap is away from the sensor probe, material is Present.

  Supply Voltage 110V AC or 230V AC, 50Hz.
  Low cost but effective method of sensing.
  Adjustable ON delay.
  Adjustable OFF delay.
  1NO+1NC or 2NO+2NC Relay contacts are available as per customer requirement.
  Cast Aluminium, IP-65 Grade, Enclosure for Monitor & IP-67 Grade Enclosure for Sensor.

Monitor Unit

Supply : 110V AC or 230V AC, 50Hz
Input : From Inductive type proximity sensor
Output : 1NO+1NC or 2NO+2NC Relay Contacts, rated for 5A at 240V AC, 50Hz, on resistive load
ON Delay : 1 – 30 sec (Adjustable)
OFF Delay : 1 – 30 sec (Adjustable)
Enclosure : Cast Aluminium, IP-65 Grade, suitable for field mounting


Sensor Probe : Inductive Proximity Switch
Size : M50 X 80mm
Sensing Element : 22mm (Nominal)
Cable : 3 core, 2 meter long integral PVC cable
Housing : Chrome plated, threaded metallic tube with 2 clamping nuts, IP-67 Grade

To sense the presence of material on conveyor belt.