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It consists of two parts viz. Controller Unit & Sensor. Controller accepts AC or DC Control Supply. It powers the Sensor, provides ON/OFF Delays and Relay Contacts are available as output.

2) Sensor (without Controller) suitable for PLC Duty :

It consists of only Sensor, which is to be operated through PLC using series load. Since this is without controller, ON Delay / OFF Delay are not available . These delays are to be provided through PLC. Operation is either AC or DC

  Various types of sensors available for different materials / sizes.
  Suitable for High Level Detection.
  Minimal Maintenance.
  Adjustable ON Delay and OFF Delay for Sensor + Controller Construction.
  1NO+1NC or 2NO+2NC Relay contacts are available as per customer requirement for, Sensor + Controller Construction.
  Suitable for Non-Hazardous area.
  Controller Unit IP-65 grade, suitable for field mounting.
  AC or DC model for PLC duty.

Control Unit

Supply Voltage : 110V AC or 230V AC, 50Hz or 24V DC
ON Delay : 1-10 Sec (Adjustable)
OFF Delay : 1-10 Sec (Adjustable)
Output Contacts : 1NO+1NC or 2NO+2NC Relay contacts, rated for 5A at 240V AC on resistive load
Ambient Temperature : 55°C Max
Enclosure : Cast Aluminium, IP-65 grade, suitable for field mounting. Customer specific enclosure available on request

Sensor Probe

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Sensor for Solid Granular Material or Lumps Light Weight Nylon Body Sensor for Light Weight Powdery Material. Light Weight Thermoplastic Body Sensor for Light Weight Powdery Matery
Type SS 101 DH SS 101 NY SS 101 SP
Size 38 Dia x 250mm long approx. (standard size) with 5 mtrs. long Steel Braided Cable 75 Dia x 120mm long approx.(standard size) with 5 mtrs. long Steel Braided Cable 120 Dia (standard size) with 5 mtrs. long Steel Braided Cable
Supply for Model with Controller 12V DC through Controller unit
Supply for Sensor for PLC Duty AC (90-250V) or DC ( 24V) from PLC
Angle of Tilt 25 to 30 Deg. Approx.

Tilt Switches can be used in variety of applications and many different types of material. It is useful for High / Low Level sensing of Solid Material. It can also be used as Chute Jam Switch.