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These switches do not require any physical contact for their operation. They are capable of enabling or disabling an electronic circuit when any metallic object is brought close to their sensing face. They offer a wide range of operating distances and modes of operation.


1. HT Type: Upto 90°C

2. HTPS Type: Upto 120°C.(Replay temp. 150 to 120°C)


1. HT Type:

It consists of only sensor probe which can be mounted in high temperature zone upto 90°C.

2. HTPS Type:

It consists of Sensor Probe and Controller. The Sensor Probe can be located in high temperature zone upto 120°C. The controller contains Electronic Circuitry and it is to be located away from the hot zone where ambient temperature is upto 60°C.

  Non-contact operation coupled with high precision & fast operation.
  Various Sizes and Types available.
  High Reliability.
  High Repeat Accuracy and High Speed Operation.
  Position / Alignment Indicator (LED Indication).
  Switches suitable for AC OR DC control supply.
  Short Circuit and Reverse Polarity Protection available for PNP & NPN type DC Proximity Switches for sizes above M12.
  Various Output Types available.
  Standard cable length is 3 meter for HT type and 5 meter for HTPS type Proximity Switches.
  High temperature operation upto 120°C
  Chrome Plated Brass Housing (Standard).
  Dust and Water tight to IP-67.

Optional Features

  Stainless Steel Housing available.
  Protective enclosures are available.
  Extra cable length available.

AC 3 Wire DC
Supply Voltage :AC : 110V, 50Hz, or 230V, 50Hz or 90 to 250V,50 Hz DC: 8 to 30V
Output Solid State Thyristor, suitable to drive standard AC Relay or Contactor or PLC. Load Current 500 mA max. No load current less than 2mA ON state voltage drop is 1 to 10V depending upon series load. Transistor, NPN (Sinking) or PNP (Sourcing) Suitable to drive PLC or Relay. Load current 300 mA max. for sizes upto M18 & 500mA max. for sizes above M18
Mode of operation Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC)
Mode of Sensing Flush or Non Flush
Repeatability Less than or equal to 1 % of Sn
Hysteresis Varies from 1 to 10% of Sn, depending upon switch size. Typically 5%.
Ambient Temp. Upto 90°C for HT type of switches & upto 150°C for HTPS type of switches.
Cable 3 meter long integral Teflon cable for HT type switches & 5 meter long integral Teflon cable for HTPS type switches.
Cable 1. For Sensor Probe: Cylindrical housing is Nickel Chromium Plated, Threaded, Brass tube with two clamping nuts (Standard).
2. For Controller: Cast Al., IP-65 grade, Powder coated in light grey shade.

High Ambient Temperature Proximity Switches are used to sense the presence of the target where the Ambient Temperature is more.