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Function :

Electronic Speed Switch is designed to evaluate the speed of a rotating object based on the speed information picked up by the non-contact type Inductive Proximity Switch. Output switches ON or OFF depending upon the process speed as compared to the set trip speed. Startup / Initial Bypass Delay (IBPD) facility is provided to bypass the under speed condition during startup. This allows safe time for the equipment to reach normal speed.

  Non-contact sensing.
  Low speed & high speed detection.
  Linear dial markings for speed setting (Trip Point control).
  Input sensor selection facility: NPN or PNP or 2 Wire DC (NAMUR) type proximity switches can be used.
  On site speed range selection facility. (Selectable in 3 ranges).
  Adjustable built in bypass delay.
  2 C/O (2NO+2NC) relay contacts with site selectable Relay Logic.
  Monitor (Cast Aluminium for field mounting type) is dust and water tight to IP-65 grade. Thermoplastic, suitable for DIN rail mounting, for panel mounting model.
  Sensor is dust and water tight to IP-67 grade.

Optional Features

  Digital Indication Facility.
  Adjustable Trip Delay.
  Special Sensor for High Ambient Temperature application (upto 150°C).

Electronics Speed Switch

Supply : 110V AC / 230V AC, 50 Hz (Selectable)
Input : Pulses from Sensor Probe
Relay Logic : Selectable. (Relay will energize at Under / Zero Speed. Please refer Table ‘A’)
Output : 2 C/O (2NO+2NC) Relay Contacts
Speed Range

(Speed Range in PPM can be computed as product of no. of actuations of the sensor per revolution & RPM of the rotating object)

: 3 ranges selectable by DIP Switch
1. 5-50 PPM
2. 50-500 PPM
3. 500-5000 PPM
(1-5000 PPM range available on Request, for 102C, 102 & 102HT type of ESS)
LED Indication : Red LED – Supply ON
Green LED – Pulses ON
Yellow LED – Relay ON
Start Up Bypass Delay : 1 – 30 sec (Adjustable)
Trip Delay (Optional) : 1 – 30 sec (Adjustable)
Enclosure for Monitor : Cast Aluminum, IP-65 grade, Powder Coated, suitable for field mounting or ABS/Polycarbonate, IP-65 grade, suitable for field mounting or Thermoplastic, DIN rail mounting for Panel Mounting Model

Sensor Specifications:

Sensor Probe 1. Inductive Proximity Switch suitable for safe area (Non Hazardous)
2. 3 wire DC type / 2 wire DC NAMUR type
3. Supply voltage: 8V DC (Typical). Available internally through Monitor Unit
4. Enclosure: IP-67 grade. Tubular Threaded, Nickel chrome plated brass housing, with two nuts for clamping. Suitable for field mounting
5. Cable: 2 meter long integral PVC cable (Standard)
6. Size: Please refer Table 'B'
Sensor Probe Selection 1. 2-wire probe (NAMUR)
2. PNP Probe
3. NPN Probe (Standard)

Table A: Status of Output Relay & LED (Yellow) depending on the Relay Logic
Condition NO Logic NC Logic
Supply ON Relay ON | LED ON Relay OFF | LED OFF
During IBPD Relay ON | LED ON Relay OFF | LED OFF
Actual Speed > Set Point Relay ON | LED ON Relay OFF | LED OFF
Actual Speed < Set Point Relay OFF | LED OFF Relay ON | LED ON

Table B: Status of Sensor Probe Details
Size (Thread Diameter) M18 M30 M36 M50 M80
Nominam switching distance (mm) for Non Flush Type 7mm 15mm 17mm 25mm 38mm
Nominam switching distance (mm) for Flush Type 5mm 12mm 14mm 20mm 32mm

Optional Accessories

Mounting bracket for Monitor Unit.
Mounting bracket for Sensor Probe.
IP-65 grade junction box with 4 nos. of Terminals.
Single or Double Compression Metallic (Brass) cable glands or PVC cable glands.
Sensing Flag.

Electronic Speed Switch is ideally suited to monitor any repetitive (i.e. rotational or translational) motion. It is best suited for the speed monitoring of material handling systems such as Belt Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Crushers, Drag Chains, Rotary Feeders etc.

Typical applications are:
To sense under speed or over speed conditions.
Detection of jamming in Feeders or Extractors.
Interlocking of conveyors.
Detection of chain link breakage in machines like Reclaimers, Drag Chain etc.
Motion detection.
Fan speed monitoring.
Missing bucket sensing in bucket elevators.