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Function :

Power Supply Units are specially developed for powering 2-wire transmitters, which require a stable 24 Vdc supply for their operation.

  Compact DIN Rail Mounting Unit.
  Side by Side stacking possible very easily.
  Output current internally limited to a specified value.
  Short circuit proof, no need to use a fuse in output circuit.
  Good line and load regulation.
  LED for supply ON indication & trim pot for exact output adjustment.

Supply Voltage : 110Vac or 230Vac, 50Hz
Output : 24Vdc, 60mA max for single channel unit
24Vdc, 30mA max per channel for dual channel unit
Adjustment Range : +/- 5% approx
Ripple Content : Less than 50 mV at full load and + 10% for supply variation
Current Limit : Internally fixed
Enclosure : Thermoplastic, IP-20, DIN Rail mounting

Power Supply Units are used for transmitters.