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Function :

To convert low level input signal such as Thermocouple, RTD, Potentiometric Signal, mA signal, micro Amp signal, AC Voltage, AC Current and V DC signal into galvanically isolated mA signal, linearly proportional to the input. Two Wire Transmitter relies on Loop Power from the receiving device, usually 24V DC, to operate the Transmitter interface & send the signal back to the receiving device.

This Converter carries both the signal from the Transmitter and the power to the Transmitter on a single pair of wires. Hence it is called as 2 Wire Converter.

Various Types of 2-Wire Signal Converters depending upon Input Signal :

  1. V DC to mA converter
  2. mV DC to mA converter
  3. mA DC to mA converter
  4. micro Amp DC to mA converter
  5. AC current (Through C. T. up to 5A) to mA Converter
  6. R (Resistance)/ Potentiometer to mA Converter (Position Transmitter)
  7. AC voltage (up to 415 V AC) to mA converter
  8. RTD Transmitter with lead length compensation
  9. Thermocouple Transmitter with Ambient Temperature Compensation

  Eliminates ground loop problems.
  Provides immunity from line drops and interference signals.
  Input and Output circuits are galvanically isolated to the level of 1.5 kV peak. Simple twisted pair cable is sufficient to carry output signal for long distance, without any interference.
  Converters suitable for multirange potentiometric inputs are available.
  Cold Junction Compensation is provided for Thermocouple Input & Lead Length Compensation is provided for RTD Input.
  No need to lay separate power cable.
  Thermoplastic, DIN rail mounting type housing for mounting inside the panel.
  Cast Aluminium OR ABS / Polycarbonate, IP-65 grade, Enclosure suitable for field mounting.

Supply Voltage : 12 to 32 V DC (24V DC Nominal)
Input : Refer ordering information for input signal type
Output : 4-20 mA, RL = 500 ohms at 24V DC, Refer load characteristics
Accuracy : Better than 0.5% of F.S. (Excluding accuracy of external sensor)
Zero and Span Adjustment : With10 turn trimpot
For Standard Signals: Zero +/-10% & Span +/- 20% (Wider Zero and Span available if required)
For Potentiometric signal: Zero 30% & Span +/- 30%
Display (Optional) : 3 ½ Digit LCD Display ( Available in Field Mounting Enclosure )
Isolation : Output is galvanically isolated from input & body to the level of 1.5 kV Peak
Enclosure : Cast Aluminium or
ABS / Polycarbonate, IP-65 Grade, suitable for field mounting or
Thermoplastic suitable for DIN Rail / Panel mounting EPOXY Encapsulated modules, suitable for specific applications available optionally

*Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

The output of the signal converter is used for the transmission of the signal from the field to the remotely located C.C.R. or vice versa, for the purpose of Indication, Control, Data Logging etc