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Function :

These are designed for the purpose of Digital Indication and Transmission of the current drawn by the small motors in Feeders.

  High Accuracy and Reliability.
  3 ½ Digit, 7-Segment, ½” High, Red LED Display.
  Input is galvanically isolated from input, control supply and body upto a level of 1.5kV.
  Selectable Decimal Point.
  Standardized DIN size Enclosure for Panel Mounting.
  The dimensions of the enclosure are same as that of standard analog AC current meters & hence can be replaced without any problem.

Supply : 110V or 230V, 50 Hz (Selectable on terminal strip)
Input : 0-1 Amp. or 0-5 Amp. AC through C.T. (Selectable on terminal strip)
Output : 4-20mA, DC, isolated, Single Channel, proportional to input. RL max = 600 Ohms
Isolation : The Output is Galvanically Isolated from input, control supply and body upto a level of 1.5kV
Display : 3 ½ digit, 1/2" high, 7-Segment LED (Red). Max. Count 1999
Indication (Optional) : 000 to 1999 Amp
Decimal Point Selection : Fully adjustable for any desired range. Decimal point selection facility is provided on the unit
Zero & Span : For Display : Independently adjustable from front. For 4-20mA : Independently adjustable from front
Housing : DIN Standard, made out of Extruded Al. and Sheet Steel, duly powder coated. The unit is suitable for Flush Mounting on Panel door
Size : Bezel size 96 X 96 X 78mm long (approx). The panel cut out size shall be 91 X 91 mm

VOLTAGE INDICATING TRANSMITTERS are also available for different ranges upto 600VAC with same size of Enclosure. Extended range available for External P.T.

Current Indicating Transmitter is generally used for Transmission & Indication of the Current drawn by the small motors in Feeders.