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To convert TTL or HTL Pulse output from Single ended or Differential ended type Encoders into HTL format. When 24 VDC (18-30 VDC) Control Supply is connected, then 24VDC supply for HTL Encoders and 5VDC supply for TTL Encoders is provided through the unit. Galvanically & optically isolated Dual channel HTL outputs are provided to connect 2 different control units.

  Suitable for very Low to High frequency inputs (from 1 Hz to 500 KHz).
  Selection of HTL or TTL input through toggle switch
  Both outputs are optically & galvanically isolated from input and each other.
  5VDC & 24 VDC supply are provided for powering the Encoder.

Supply & Input Section
Supply Voltage 18 to 30 VDC (max 110 mA) (+E volt)
Current Consumption 45mA without encoder.
Encoder Signal Incremental HTL or TTL / RS422 levels
Input(Type1) HTL, 3 Channels (S00,S90,Sref) or HTL, 6 Channels (S00, S00 inv, S90, S90 inv, Sref, Sref inv)
Input(Type2) TTL / RS422, 3 Channels (S00,S90,Sref) or TTL / RS422, 6 Channels (S00, S00 inv, S90, S90 inv, Sref, Sref inv)
HTL or TTL Input selectable by Toggle switch.
OUTPUT SECTION (OUTPUT 1 & 2) Dual Channel
TTL / RS 422 HTL
Supply Voltage 5 VDC 24 VDC (18-30 Vdc)
Max Cable Length 1 Km (Twisted Pair) 200 mtr at 50 Khz
Max Load Current +/- 20 mA +/- 40mA
Propagation delay ≤1 µS ≤1 µS
Max Frequency 0 to 500KHz 0 to 500KHz
Isolation Optical Isolation at 1 KV Optical Isolation at 1 KV
Insulation Resistance More than 200 M ohm at 1KV More than 200 M ohm at 1KV
Voltage Level at High > 3.0V (RS-422), >2.4V > 22 VDC or +E volt - 2
Voltage Level at Low < 0.4V (RS-422), <0.8V (TTL) < 1.15 V
Enclosure Thermoplastic, 35 mm DIN rail Mounting type unit. Dimensions 150 x 70 x 115mm (L x W x H)

For converting one TTL signal level to another HTL signal level with isolation and vice-versa.
As an Encoder signal booster
Can be used as Encoder Repeater