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Function :

Loop Powered Isolator is an ideal solution for all problems of isolating an existing 4 – 20 mA signal loop for use with additional instrument. It accepts 4 – 20 mA input & provides a 4 – 20 mA output which is galvanically isolated from the input loop, with a transfer ratio of 1:1.


  Isolator uses a minimal power from the Parent loop.
  Does not require any external supply.
  Provides galvanic isolation between input and output loop.
  Low input impedance.
  Easy to install.
  High conversion accuracy at low cost.
  Current signal ratio is 1:1.
  Thermoplastic / ABS, DIN rail mounting enclosure, suitable for 35mm rail.

Input Current (Ii) : Unipolar DC signal, 4-20 mA
Max Input Voltage (Vi) : Vi < 15V
Permissible Ripple On Input : < 10%
Drop Across Unit (VD) : 3V (Approx) With Output Shorted, 8V (Approx)With RL = 250 Ω
Input Resistance (Rin) : Depends Upon RL On Output Side Rin = @ 150 Ω + RL
Max Current : 50 mA Continuous

Output Current (Ii) : Unipolar DC Signal, Value Same As Input Signal
Transfer Ratio : 1:1
Residual Ripple : 0.5 % (@8kHz)
Time Constant : 100 msec (Approx)
Drop Across Load (VL) : VL = Io X RL (VL=Vi-VD)
Overall Accuracy : +/- 0.1% FS Under Standard Operating Conditions
Loading Effect : 0.1 % Per 100 Ohms, Upto 250 Ohms Load
H.V. Rating : 2KV Peak For 1 Minute

Isolation of input 4-20 mA Signal for the purpose of Automation, data logging etc.