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Function :
Current Monitors are used to detect conditions of Overload , Underload, and other faults in an electrical system. 

  Reliable Solid state Electronics Design.
  The current limit can be set very easily, continuously & Precisely.
  Built in LEDs for Trip Indication.
  3 ½ Digit, 7 segment LED display.
  Continuously adjustable ON/OFF delays.
  Adjustable Initial Bypass Delay.
  Adjustable Trip Delay.
  Adjustable Overcurrent & Undercurrent settings.
  Multiple output contacts available.
  96 X 96 X 150 mm DIN enclosure suitable for Panel Door Mounting.

Optional Features

  Facility of Remote Transmission.

Input : AC Current (Iac), 50Hz
Range : Max upto 10A direct or 0-1A or 0 -5A through external C.T.(Please Specify CT Ratio)
Output : 1) 1 C/O relay Contact (1NO+1NC) per Set Point, rated for 5A at 240VAC on resistive load
2) 4-20 mA Output Proportional to Input Range (optional)
Display : 3 ½ Digit, 7 Segment LED display
User Interface : Through keys
LED Indication : 1) Overcurrent
2) Undercurrent
Setting Ranges : 1) Overcurrent (High Trip Point) : 40 to 200 % Adjustable
2) Undercurrent (Low Trip Point) : 05 to 30% Adjustable
Delay : 1) Initial Bypass Delay: 0.2 to 20 sec (Adjustable)
2) Trip Delay: 0.2 to 20 sec (Adjustable)
Reset : Auto / Manual (Please Specify)
Enclosure : 96 X 96 X 150mm, DIN rail mounting, Suitable for Panel Door Mounting

Reliable & Solid state electronics design finds its application in
Machine Tools.
Material Handling Systems.
Many other electrical systems.