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Function :

To stretch the input pulse received from AC Proximity Switch, which will be useful for further Processing. In fast operating systems / machines, the sensing target comes in sensing zone of Proximity Switch for very short duration. Control system like PLC is unable to recognize such a short duration pulse. With the help of Pulse Stretching Unit, Short duration Pulse can be extended from mSec to seconds, which makes further processing possible.

  Supply Voltage 110V AC or 230V AC, 50 Hz.
  Input from AC Proximity Switch. Maximum no. of inputs are 6.
  Solid state Output suitable for PLC Operation.
  Adjustable Delay Range.
  Output logic (NO OR NC) selectable by link.
  Sheet Metal, IP-55 grade Enclosure suitable for field or wall mounting.

Supply : 110V AC or 230V AC, 50Hz
Input : AC type Proximity Switch. Proximity switch Supply is same as Unit Supply
No. Of Inputs : Max. 6
Output : Solid State, suitable for PLC application. NO load current < 2 mA.
Ilmax = 400 mA
Output Logic : Same as per the Input Proximity Switch. Reverse logic can also be selected by link selection
Delay Range : 250 msec to 10 sec. Adjustable for individual channel
Delay Logic : The logic for delay is “OFF Delay”, i.e. Actuation is instantaneous but de-actuation is with delay
Enclosure : Sheet Metal, IP-55 Grade, suitable for field or wall mounting

To stretch the input pulse width for detection by PLC.