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This unit is designed to sense the open circuit and over current drawing of the solenoid during its Energization time (typically within 20mSec. to 200mSec.) and to give latchable relay output when input solenoid current exceeds the set value.

  Designed to work with PLC based Sequential Timers.
  Solenoid current sensing within 20 msec to 200 msec.
  Pulse Relay contact output is provided to disconnect the faulty solenoid instantly from supply bus.
  Additionally PNP Transistor outputs are provided to detect and indicate faulty solenoid channel.
  Manual reset for fault feedback.
  Adjustable Over current range.
  Adjustable Over current set point.
  Latchable output contact for over current fault feedback.
  Pulse output for under current fault feedback.
  LED indication for Over current & Under current fault indication.
  Thermoplastic, DIN rail mounting Enclosure.

Supply : 110VAC or 230 VAC, 50 Hz, selectable
Input : Solenoid Current upto 1 Ampere Continuous
Output : 1) 1 C/O Potential free relay contact for over current fault Feedback
2) 1 C/O Potential free relay contact for Pulse Type Output
Overcurrent Range : 100mA to 1A (Adjustable)
Set Points : Over Current: 100 mA to 1 A
Reset : Manual
LED Indication : Red LED for latching relay output
Green LED for Pulsing relay output
Enclosure : Thermoplastic, DIN rail mounting

To detect solenoid open & solenoid over current faults.