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Temperature Switch is designed to give switching relay contact output once the input temperature exceeds the set point. This Switch accepts temperature inputs from two different RTDs located at two locations. When temperature of any of the RTDs or both RTDs exceeds the set point, the internal relay energizes. The contacts of this relay are brought on the terminal strip for interfacing with the external circuitry. As temperature goes below the set point by approximately 5% of the set value, the relay de-energizes automatically.

  Two channels independent inputs (RTD, PT-100, 3 Wire Type).
  Adjustable Set Point, common for 2 channels.
  One change over relay contact.
  Automatic Reset.
  Sensor Fault Detection Facility.
  Thermoplastic, DIN rail mounting Enclosure suitable for mounting inside the panel.

Supply : 110VDC or 220 VDC
Sensor Input : 2 Nos. independent inputs of RTD, PT-100, 3 Wire type
Setting Range : 30 to 100 Deg. C
Set Point : 1 No. adjustable by means of single turn Potentiometer
Output : 1 C/O Relay contacts
Contact Rating : Rated for 3 Amp. at 230VAC or 24 VDC on resistive load
Relay Logic : Relay energizes when any of the input RTD temperature or
both RTD temperatures exceeds the set point
Reset : Automatic. When input temperature drops below the set point by approx. 5%, then Relay de-energizes automatically
LED Indication : Red LED - supply is Switched ON &
Green LED - Relay Energized condition
Sensor Fault (Snesor Open) : In case any RTD opens, the output relay energizes.
In case only one RTD is connected and other RTD connections kept open, then output relay remains energized
Sensor Fault (Snesor Short) : In case any RTD shorts, then relay remains de-energized provided the temperature of other RTD is below set point. If both the RTDs are shorted, then relay will remain de-energized till the RTDs are shorted
Enclosure : Thermoplasic, DIN Rail mounting enclosure suitable for mounting inside the Panel. Use 35mm DIN rail for mounting the unit.
Size : 70 X 60 X 115mm (L X W X H)

The temperature switch is useful to measure and control process temperature from values ranging 30 to 100°C