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Function :
Microcontroller based Temperature Scanner is designed for fast and accurate measurement and control of the Process Temperature. The Scanner monitors & displays the Process Temperature as well as does ON / OFF Control according to the Programmed Set Point. 


  Microcontroller based design.
  Input from RTD (PT100) or Thermocouple (J type OR K type).
  Standard channels available are 8 or 16 or 24 or 32.
  Cold Junction Compensation is provided for Thermocouple input. Lead Length Compensation is provided for RTD input.
  7-Segment LED Display : • 4 Digit for displaying data. • 2 Digit, for Process Parameters. • 1 or 2 Digits, for indicating channel No.
  LEDs for indication of the process control action with Relay output Contacts.
  Fully Programmable through Membrane Keyboard.
  Flexible input channel grouping facility.
  Channel skipping facility.
  Programmable Lo & Hi set points.
  Programmable display update time.
  Programmable Relay Logic & LED Logic.
  Auto & Manual mode of operation.
  Programmable Auto or Manual Reset facility.
  Password protected Program Mode, calibration Mode.
  Software Calibration facility for input and 4-20 mA output.
  Sensor Open, Sensor Short indication.

Optional Features

  System OK status.
  4-20 mA current output proportional to max. Temp in corresponding group or Temperature of individual channel.
  4-20 mA Current Output corresponding to channel No.
  RS-232 or RS-485 communication compatible to MODBUS RTU protocol.

Supply Voltage : 110V AC or 230V AC, 50Hz or 24V DC or 48V DC or 110V DC or 220V DC
Input : RTD (PT100) or Thermocouple (J type or K type)
No. of Channels : 8 or 16 or 24 or 32 Nos.
Channel Grouping : Flexible or as per specific requirement (Four Groups max.)
Output : A) Relay Contacts: Contact rating 5A, at 230 Vac, 50Hz resistive.
> 1 C/O per group for Lo set point & Hi set point
> 1 C/O for System OK (optional)
B) 4-20 mA Output (optional):
> Corresponding to process Temp
> Corresponding to channel No.
> Corresponding to max. temperature channel in group
Temperature Range : 1) 0 to 400°C for RTD
2) 0 to 1000°C for J type thermocouple
3) 0 to 1200°C for K type thermocouple
Accuracy : Better than +/- 0.5% of FS (Excluding the External Sensor)
Resolution : 0.1°C for RTD, 1°C for Thermocouple
User Interface : Membrane Keys on Front Facia
Display : 8 Digit,1/2", 7-segment LED Display For MCTS 101 & 101P,
7digit, 0.3", 7-segment LED Display for DIN Rail mounted Type 6 ch. Temp. Scanner
LED Indication : 1) Status Indication – PRG, RUN, VFY & System OK. (3mm, LED)
2) Control Indication –
a) Green LED: I/P > Lo set point
b) Red LED : I/P > Hi set point
Scan Time : 2 – 60 seconds (programmable) for display updation
Trip Delay : 2 – 60 seconds (programmable)
Enclosure : Door Mounted :
96X144X250mm for 8 & 16 Channel Temperature Scanner
144X144X250mm for 24 & 32 Channel Temperature Scanner
DIN Rail Panel Mounted :
Thermoplastic suitable for DIN Rail mounting 112 x 150 x 70(D) for 6 channel Temp scanner

Temperature Scanners are ideally suited for H.T. Motors. These are also used to measure & Control the Process Temperatures in Process Industries.