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To measure wind speed based on the pulse input received from the Cup Generator and to give output in the form of changeover of relay contacts when wind speed goes above the set speed.


  1. Anemometer is designed in two-parts, viz. Cup Generator and Monitor Unit. Cup generator Shaft rotates with the wind speed. This rotational speed is converted into frequency signal in the Cup Generator. This frequency is fed to the Monitor Unit as an input and based on the input frequency, Monitor Unit displays the wind speed in Km/Hr. It also gives relay contact output, when wind speed exceeds the set point.
  2. This Anemometer is fixed type, non-portable, suitable for Safe Area (Non Hazardous). It is suitable for Mobile Cranes, Stacker / Reclaimers and other Heavy Equipments which move on rail.

  Control Supply 110V AC OR 230V AC, 50 Hz or 24VDC.
  3 ½ Digit, 7-Segment LED Display for displaying Wind Speed.
  Alarm & Trip Set Points for Wind Speed.
  Adjustable Trip Delay for ALARM & TRIP SET POINTS.
  Potential Free Relay Contact for Alarm & Trip.
  IP-65 Grade Enclosure for Monitor.
  IP-55 Grade Enclosure for Cup Generator.

Supply Voltage 110V AC or 230V AC, 50Hz or 24V DC
Input : Pulses from Cup Generator Unit
Speed Range : 0-150 km./ Hr. (Standard). Max count 199.9 Km/Hr
Display : 3 ½ Digit 7-Segment LED Display
Set Points : 2 Nos. 'Alarm' & 'Trip' ('Hi' & 'Hi-Hi') for wind speed setting
Trip Delay : 1-10 Sec., adjustable for ALARM & TRIP
LED Indication : LEDs provided for ALARM & TRIP
Output Contacts : 1 C/O Relay Contact each for ALARM & TRIP
Current Output (Optional) : 4-20mA output proportional to wind speed.
  4mA shall correspond to 0.0 km/Hr. & 20mA shall correspond to full   range
Enclosure : Polycarbonate / ABS, IP-65 grade, suitable for field mounting

Cup Generator:

Design : This has been designed, as per relevant IS(6871:1992)
Supply : 8 VDC through Monitor Unit
Output : Solid State, in the form of voltage pulses
Enclosure : Cast Aluminum, IP-65 grade, powder coated in light grey shade and 3 Cups, painted in Black

Anemometer is used as safety device for Mobile Cranes, Reclaimer, and Stackers etc.