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Boot level switch is used to sense the boot level in the bucket elevators, sensing/clogging of material in screw conveyor and various other applications.
The pressure of the material on membrane/diaphragm operates a micro switch inside the unit & the contact of switch is used for control action.

  Low cost and reliable.
  No power supply required.
  Simple installation and easy to maintain.
  Steel or Rubber Membrane.
  Cast Aluminium Enclosure.

Enclosure : Cast Aluminium
Membrane : Steel or Rubber
Output : Micro switch rated for 15A at 230V AC
Temperature : -20 to 80 Deg. C
Normal Sensitivity : 100g for Rubber membrane
400g for Steel membrane

To detect the boot level of bucket elevators.
To sense the clogging of material on screw conveyor.
To detect the level of material in hopper.
Can also be used as Chute Jam Switch for some applications.