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Function: To convert low level input signal, mA signal into galvanically isolated mA signal, linearly proportional to the input.

  High Accuracy and Reliability.
  3 ½ Digit, 7-Segment, ½” High, Red LED Display.
  Input is galvanically isolated from input, control supply and body upto a level of 1.5kV.

Type : MVC 401-02-1-1R+I (4 Wire System)
Make : `KANA’
Supply : 110V, 50 Hz. Or 230V, 50 Hz.
Input : 4-20mA DC, as a process signal.
Input Resistance : 100 Ohm.
Output : 100-1000mA DC.
Or any current value required by you.
Load Resistance : 25 Ohm max
Display : 3.1/2 digit, 1/2" high, 7 segment LED to indicate actual output current e.g. 100 to 1000mA or opening in Percentage
Accuracy : Within +/- 0.2%.
Linerity : Within +/- 0.2%.
Adjustments : a) ZERO: Up to 10% adjustable by means of 10 Turn Trimpot.
b) SPAN: Up to +/- 20% adjustable by means of 10 Turn Trimpot.
Enclosure : Sheet Steel, IP-55 grade, powder coated
Ambient Temperature : Upto 55 Deg. C.

The output of the signal converter is used for the transmission of the signal from the field to the remotely located C.C.R. or vice versa, for the purpose of Indication, Control, Data Logging etc