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Application Specific Sequential timer is designed to control the cleaning cycle of On-Line Bag Filters with 10 adjustable ON time, 10 adjustable OFF time along with separate relay output for each channel.  

  Facility of working through D.P. mode, which enhances Bag life.
  It accepts DP switch potential free contact input directly, hence saves PLC Digital Input.
  Designed to reduce the consumption of compressed air, hence reduction in electricity consumption.
  Solenoid is energized at Zero Crossing of AC cycle to reduce solenoid inrush current. This improves solenoid and timer life.
  Separate terminals for solenoid phase and neutral connections, hence no need of separate junction box.
  Surge suppressors are provided to protect output circuit from high voltage surge generated during solenoid operation.
  Inputs to the timer are potential free contacts from D.P. Switch and Remote on command from PLC. Remote ON command Potential Signal input is available optionally.
  Operating sequence can be started or stopped from Remote location or through PLC / DCS system.
  Manual Purging Facility.
  Sequence Termination Facility at any desired channel.
  Adjustable ON Time, OFF Time & PAUSE Time. PAUSE time is optional, which provides the time gap required for building Air Pressure.
  Control Supply 110V AC or 230V AC. Unit suitable for 24V DC Control Supply or 24V DC solenoid voltage is also available optionally.
  These bag filter timers can be used for 110V AC or 230V AC or 24V DC solenoids.
  Timer (Supply) ON or Purging ON or Cycle Complete Feedback Facility.
  Models with 10 output channels available. For higher channels Microcontroller based models (MBFC series) available.
  Sheet Steel, IP-55 grade enclosure, suitable for Field Mounting. IP-65 grade Enclosure available optionally.

Supply Voltage 110V AC, 50 Hz, or 230V AC, 50 Hz or 24V DC
Input : 1) Differential Pressure through D.P. Switch (Potential Free Contact)
2) Remote ON Command from PLC (Potential Free Contact).
Remote ON command Potential Signal input is available optionally
Output : Relay Output
Solenoid Voltage : 110V AC or 230V AC or 24V DC
Protection : 1) Surge Suppressor circuit for control supply
2) Fuse for Control Supply and Load
3) Surge Suppressor for protection of output circuit
Output Channels : 10
LED Indication : 1) Control Supply
2) Pulses
3) Channel Indication
4) Timer ON Feedback
ON Time : 20 – 200 msec (Adjustable), available for 10 channel model only
OFF Time : 2 – 120 seconds (Adjustable), available for 10 channel model only)
PAUSE Time (Optional) : 2 – 240 seconds (Adjustable), available for 10 channel model only
Operation : Auto, Sequential Operation
Sequence Termination : At any desired channel
Enclosure : CRCA Sheet Steel, Powder coated, weather proof to IP-55 grade suitable for field mounting. IP-65 grade Enclosure available optionally

Bag Filter Timers are used in De-Dusting and Process Bag House in various industries such as: Aluminium, Asbestos, Carbon Black, Clay, Detergent, Gypsum, Limestone, Saw Dust, Steel / Sponge Iron, Solvent Extraction, Non-ferrous, Bagasse Dust, Cement, Food Grain Handling, Fly Ash, Iron Ore, Sugar, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Flour, Tea, Ceramic, Coal, Paint Pigments, Milk Powder, Soda Ash, Battery Industries, Wood, Spices etc.